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Family Says Breonna Taylor Was Alive After Being Shot But Cops Let Her Die Without Aid: Report



Breonna Taylor, the EMT who was murdered by police officers, was reportedly still alive after officers shot at her but let he die after failing to offer any aid, the family says.

According to The New York Times, Taylor’s family says that she was alive for six minutes after police officers shot her.

“The document also contends that the post-midnight raid on March 13 was motivated by the mayor’s desire to clear a block in one of Louisville’s most blighted neighborhoods for redevelopment,” said the report. “The court papers amend an earlier lawsuit against the three officers who fired into Ms. Taylor’s apartment while executing a search warrant, seeking evidence against an ex-boyfriend who was a convicted drug dealer.”

While autopsy report claims that Taylor would have died from her injuries even if she got assistance, her family is shocked that not one officer checked on her and allowed her to suffer for six minutes before her death.

In a 31-page complaint, it is alleged that police were “wanton” and “reckless” in the way that they filed warrants and decided to conduct a no-knock service of the warrant.

“In the six minutes that elapsed from the time Breonna was shot, to the time she died, we have no evidence suggesting that any officer made entry in an attempt to check and assist her,” said the family’s lawyer Sam Aguiar. “She suffered.”

You can read the full New York Times report HERE.

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