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Ex-GOP Lawmaker Claims Trump Is The Most Godly President Ever, Says ‘We Don’t Deserve’ Him



Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann recently claimed that Donald Trump has been the most Godly president the United States has ever had.

During a prayer, Bachmann asked God to shed his “mercy” on Trump and painted the president as the second coming of Christ himself.

“We thank you, oh God, for Donald Trump, that he has been our wise, good president for these last nearly four years,” she prayed. “Lord, in so many ways we have not deserved this man. He has done more biblically to institute your precepts than any other president ever before in such a short period of time.”

“So we ask, God, for your mercy,” she continued. “We deserve your judgement, oh God, but we ask for your mercy upon our President, his wife, his family — we ask for your mercy on the election. We ask for your mercy, oh God, that it would be sure, and we thank you, oh God, that you are a just god but you are a merciful god, so we thank you for your mercy, we thank you for what you’re doing in our days, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Take a look at her prayer below:

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