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Evangelical Republican Turns On Trump Days Before Election: ‘He Has Been A Disaster’



MSNBC reporter Chris Jansing spoke with suburban women voters in Ohio on Monday who have been working to get Joe Biden elected next week. Among the women was a former Donald Trump voter who admitted that his presidency has been a disaster.

Cindy Schmidt, who has been to anti-Plan Parenthood rallies and even voted for Trump in 2016, told Jansing what changed her mind about Trump and pushed her to vote for Biden.

“It was clear that the Trump presidency has been a disaster in every way,” she explained. “The George Floyd killing was so horrific. Our racial reconciliation process is useless and I saw so many problems in our whole nation, I thought ‘nope, this is not going to work for us.’ The abortion issue was so hard for me! Once I started researching and realizing how the democratic process works, a president can’t shut down abortion tomorrow. Donald Trump is not the savior of the universe. It became very clear that I could look at another way of voting and having a kinder more of a soul of the nation being necessitated.”

She said that her children were a huge influence on her decision and have been sending her information to read about politics and the election.

“My sons and their daughters have been so kind and educating and saying, ‘Have you read this article? What do you think about this?’ And they weren’t at all superior or shaming, or ‘Mom you’re so,’ you know. They were just so kind. And it became clear that there was another path. I could break the Republican, evangelical, white, upper-middle-class place that I had lived in for so long.”

Take a look at the discussion in the video clip below:

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