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Eric Trump Urges Congress To Overturn The Election As A Birthday Present To Him



Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, turned 37 on Wednesday and begged Congress to overturn the election in his father’s favor as a birthday gift to him.

The middle Trump child spoke to a crowd of Trump supporters gathered outside the White House. His wife Lara Trump assured the crowd the results were still uncertain – that’s not true, they are certain and the states have already verified them.

“This fight has only just begun,” she told the cheering crowd. “Let’s be very, very clear about that, and Eric said it. Our family didn’t get in this fight for just four years, we are in this fight to the bitter end. We are going to take our country back, okay?”

“Before we go, there’s something very important that I want to make sure everybody knows today,” Lara Trump added. “Today happens to be my husband’s birthday. Honey, you have any birthday present you would like from the United States of America?”

Eric Trump admitted he did have a gift in mind from the nation’s elected officials.

“Well, actually, I have one birthday present from all the senators and the congressmen,” Eric Trump said. “Have some backbone, show some fight, learn from Donald Trump. He has more fight in [him] than every other one combined, and they need to stand up and we need to march on the Capital today, and we need to stand up for this country and we need to stand up for what’s right. We love you, America. God bless you all.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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