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‘Drop Out’: Mike Pence’s Gas Pump Campaign Ad Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons



Mike Pence
GOP presidential hopeful Mike Pence pretends to put gas in a recent campaign ad. (Screengrab)

Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence has unveiled a fresh campaign ad wherein he slams President Joe Biden for the elevated gasoline prices. However, this ad has gained significant online attention, for al the wrong reasons.

Depicting himself as an average individual refueling at a gas station, the former governor of Indiana inadvertently sparked a new trend of internet memes.

In the one-minute video, Pence tries to portray himself as relatable guy refueling at the gas pump, aiming his message at “working families” and “small businesses” that he pledges to assist through his proposed “Pence energy plan.”

Despite his efforts, however, the video exposes his inauthenticity as the off-camera gas pump emits increasingly urgent beeping sounds, prompting him—much like any gas station patron—to pay and select a fuel type. Remarkably, he somehow keeps up the whole charade throughout the incessant beeping, grasping the pump nozzle as if the audience might overlook the absence of actual fuel being dispensed.

Watch the ad and some of the responses below:


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