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Donald Trump’s Personal Blog Is Already a Failure



Donald Trump

Since being banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms for inciting the deadly Jattack on Capitol Hill on January 6, former President Donald Trump tried to maintain an online presence by launching a personal blog dubbed “From the Desk of Donald Trump. But the blog is already failing as his MAGA followers are losing interest in what he has to say.

According to a Washington Post review of data from online analytics firms, interactions with posts on rump’s new blog dropped significantly since it was launched earlier this month.

The Post noted that the blog’s first day racked a total of 159,000 media interactions. The following day, interactions dropped to 30,000 and have since not surpassed 15,000 per day;

During the same period, the blog has been shared on Facebook an average of less than 2,000 times per day, a change from the tens of millions of comments, shares and reactions his Facebook page received each week last year.

But despite the decline in online interactions, Trump still maintains a grip on the Republican Party and is expected to resume his rallies this summer, which will push him back into the public eye.