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Trump Exploded At Pence For Not Agreeing To Overturn Election, Calling a ‘Wimp’ And a ‘P***y’



Donald Trump attacked Mike Pence

During the House Select Committee’s third public hearing on Thursday, the panel revealed that the Trump family gathered in the oval office on January 6 when then-president Trump called then-Vice President Mike Pence to pressure him to overturn the election results. But the conversation quickly got heated, with Trump calling Pence a “wimp” and a pu**y for not agreeing to his demands.

Before Thursday’s hearing started, the committee tweeted that Trump knew he lost the 2020 election, but decided to put in motion a scheme to overturn the will of the people, “when the vice president refused to go along with it, he unleashed a violent mob against Pence at the Capitol”.

The panel aired a video of Ivanka Trump describing the conversation in her deposition. She said it was “a different tone” than she’d heard her father take with Pence before.

Trump’s assistant recalls Trump calling Pence a “wimp.” Trump’s chief of staff Julie Radford says Ivanka told her he called Pence “the p-word”.