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Don Jr Lashes Out At Social Media For Only ‘Boosting’ The ‘Ridiculous Lunatic’ Right-Wingers



Donald Trump Jr. told a group of conservatives that social media isn’t promoting their best people and claimed that they only “boost” conservative “lunatics” instead.

During a Sunday speech at Turning Point USA’s America Fest 2022, Trump Jr. claimed that the visibility of his social media posts had been restricted.

“Then we saw, it was me they were trying to cancel,” he told the crowd. “I’m like, shocking. I’m so shocked that people that are effective communicators, people who engage in the insanity we are up against, of course, those are the ones that they shut down.”

“You know who they [boosted]?” he asked. “People that can’t articulate a point, who look ridiculous, those are the people on the right because we all have our lunatics. They’ll boost that to make it seem like that’s the fight.”

Take a look at his remarks below:


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