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DeSantis Sinks in New National Poll, Biden Leads Trump



2024 election
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Left) President Joe Biden (Center) and former president Donald Trump (Right).

A newly released poll shows Florida governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis sliding further down behind former president Donald Trump among GOP primary voters. The same poll shows President Joe Biden ahead of Trump.

The Morning Consult survey of over 3000 people shows DeSantis becoming more unpopular over his homophobic campaign by gay Republicans. After massive outrage the DeSantis campaign quietly pulled the anti-LGBTQ ads off social media, but the damage was done. The poll, first reported by Florida politics, shows Trump as the clear front-runner among GOP primary voters.

At the national level, DeSantis trails Biden by 5 percentage points in a hypothetical general election match-up, and hasn’t outperformed the incumbent since March,” Florida Politics stated. “For DeSantis, the polling memo tells the story of a candidacy facing existential struggles.”

Donald Trump is one-point below President Biden, a drop of four points from last week.

Vivek Ramaswamy is now in third place with just 8% in the GOP primary, and ahead of former Vice President Mike Pence. Last week, the biotech entrepreneur called for the end of birthright citizenship – which is in the U.S. Constitution. He also promoted the idea of removing the automatic right of U.S. citizens to vote in elections at the age of 18, both of which would dramatically reshape the electorate, greatly reducing the number of younger voters, who historically vote Democratic.

Meanwhile, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie “who’s spent much of his time on the campaign trail criticizing Trump, has 3% support against the other candidates.


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