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Deranged MAGA Maniac Rails Against Costco Customers For Wearing Masks



A frustrated Trump supporter and anti-mask crusader who describes himself as “ThaMagaman” on TikTok had a major meltdown at Costco as he berated Costco customers for supposedly lacking manhood for refusing to join his anti-mask rebellion inside the store. And he filmed himself during his tirade.

ThaMagaman on Monday posted a video of himself walking through a Costco and encouraging customers to reject “tyranny” by taking off their masks.

No customers in the video were seen following his advice, however, and many of them decided to yell back at the man.

“You love tyranny!” he shouted at them in response. “You love tyranny!”

A customer yelled at the man to get out of the store, to which he replied, “You get out!”

As the video went on, the man grew more and more frustrated that customers weren’t appreciating his efforts to fight for their “freedom.”

“In six months, you’re going to be looking for people like me to stand for you!” he chided them. “Where’s the men at?! Where’s the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty?!”

Watch the videos below.