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Deputy Caught On Camera Advising Militia Members How To Get Away With Murder



A new video posted over the weekend shows an Oregon sheriff’s deputy appearing to inform a group of militia members how to get away with killing someone.

The video was posted on September 11 by a freelance journalist. It captures an interaction between armed militia members and a man who identifies himself as a sheriff’s deputy in Clackamas County.

The conversation appears to be of the deputy telling the militia members how to use lethal force without facing any charges.

“Don’t get yourself in a situation where you lose your rights because you pushed the limit. You all mean to do good, your hearts in the right place, but the courts nowadays don’t give a sh*t where your heart is,” the deputy in the video said. “Be advised, there are homeowners who have been prosecuted for murder because they killed some guy who was on their property. You have to prove serious physical injury or death. Now, if you throw a f*cking knife in their hand after you shoot them, that’s on you.”

You can watch the full conversation below:

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