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Democrats Fret As Kyrsten Sinema Hints She May Derail Manchin-Schumer Deal



Kyrsten Sinema

Before flying back home to Arizona for the weekend, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema had a message for her Democratic colleagues: She may not support a deal announced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin last Thursday, indicating that she’s “preserving her options,” according to Axios.

As noted by Axios, “her posture is causing something between angst and fear in the Democratic caucus as senators wait for her to render a verdict” on the momentous deal.

“Any potential modification to the Democrat’s climate and deficit reduction package — like knocking out the $14 billion provision on carried interest — could cause the fragile deal to collapse,” the report states.

Sinema indicated that she’s open to letting Republicans modify the bill and has given no guarantees she’ll support a final “wrap-around” amendment, which would restore the original Schumer-Manchin deal, Axios reported. But she knows that a progressive challenger, like Rep. Ruben Gallego, is all but guaranteed in 2024 if she’s held responsible for killing the Democrats best shot at a climate bill in years.

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