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Dem Lawmaker Clashes With Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Nashville Shooting: ‘Dead Kids Can’t Read’



On Wednesday, Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz, of Florida, sparred with GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene during a House Oversight Committee hearing, which veered off into a discussion of the horrific Nashville elementary school shooting this week that left three adults and three nine-year-olds dead.

Moskowitz yielded to Greene, who weighed in on the shooting by retelling a story from her time in high school.

“Yeah. When I was in 11th grade and Joe Biden made our schools gun-free school zones, one of the students in my school brought three guns to school, and our entire school went on lockdown because he was the only person with a gun,” Greene said. Notably, Greene who is 48 went to high school while George H.W. Bush was president. Bush signed into law the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 after it passed the House by an overwhelming 313-1.

“There was no good guy with a gun to protect us kids at school. You want to know why the shooter is dead in Nashville, the trans shooter? You want to know why? Because a good guy with a gun killed that woman,” the Georgia Republican added.

“She identified as a man. She was mentally ill, probably taking hormones. And she went in and murdered children and adults in this Christian school in Nashville. So if you want to have a good talk about schools and protecting children, we need to talk about protecting our children the same way we protect our president. We protect our celebrities. We protect this building,” Greene concluded.

“Reclaiming my time,” said Moskowitz.

“Ok, I will yield,” agreed Greene.

“You know, there are six people that are dead in that school, including three children because you guys got rid of the assault weapons ban! Because you guys made it easy for people who don’t deserve to have weapons, who are mentally incapable of having weapons of war, being able to buy those weapons and go into schools,” Moskowitz replied, concluding:

I voted for [School Resource Officers] in my schools in Florida after Parkland. We have SROs in every school. Did the good guys with the guns stop six people from getting murdered? No…

You know, seen what those bullets do to children. You know why you don’t hunt with an AR-15 with a deer? Because there’s nothing left and there’s nothing left of these kids when people go into school and murder them while they’re trying to read, you guys are worried about banning books. Dead kids can’t read.

Watch the full clip below.


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