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Cult45: CNN’s John King Baffled By Trump Supporter’s Astonishing Theory About Ukraine War



CNN's John King interviews a Donald Trump supporter in Iowa.
CNN's John King interviews a Donald Trump supporter in Iowa. (YouTube Screengrab)

CNN’s John King was left completely baffled after a supporter of former President Donald Trump from Iowa put forth the argument that NATO countries backing of Ukraine’s defense against Russia is actually a complex scheme to conceal the alleged corruption of President Joe Biden.

During a conversation with Trump supporters in Iowa, King inquired whether any of them endorsed the idea of assisting Ukraine against Russian aggression. Surprisingly, none of them raised their hands.

One of the Trump supporters then articulated his belief that the entire conflict was a deliberate strategy to obscure wrongdoings supposedly committed by the Biden family.

“You don’t have to be that smart to connect the dots, right?” he said. “And so is the war to cover up sins committed to cover your tracks? There is too much money that has been thrown over there!”

Bewildered by the man’s assertion, King asked him if he genuinely thought that every NATO member country would allocate significant financial resources and dispatch extensive military provisions to Ukraine solely with the aim of safeguarding Hunter Biden from legal consequences.

The man responded, “It all depends on [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky, how much dirt he has on Biden, to keep the money coming,” the man said.

After a brief pause, King remained silent for a couple of seconds before stating, “That’s out there.”

Take a look at the segment below from CNN.


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