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Court Thwarts Ivanka Trump’s Attempt To Escape Judge-Appointed Financial Monitor



Ivanka Trump

Former White House aide and first daughter Ivanka Trump attempted to dodge a court order appointing a special monitor to oversee the major transactions of the Trump Organization and individuals with connections to the company. She failed, The Daily Beast reported Monday.

According to the news outlet, the ex-president’s eldest daughter filed paperwork seeking to have her name removed from the order. But she was unsuccessful. The report did not reveal the reasoning that Ms. Trump gave for attempting to separate herself from the case, a step that her two brothers Eric and Donald Jr did not take as the New York attorney general’s lawsuit against the company plows ahead.

As noted by The Beast, the Trump Organization remains accused in a civil suit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James of fraudulently inflating and deflating the values of its various holdings for the purpose of cheating taxes, banks, and other financial institutions.

Ivanka Trump’s move came after a judge overseeing the case took the step of appointing a monitor to scrutinize major transactions with financial institutions after the Trump family formed a second company, dubbed Trump Organization II, in tax haven Delaware following the lawsuit’s announcement by AG James.

The Trump family and its company have denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the lawsuit is a political hit job.