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Conservative Slams Trump Republicans, Says McCarthy Is Just The First To Fall



Kevin McCarthy lost three bids for House Speakers on Tuesday, something that hasn’t happened since 1923. To make matters worse, Republicans don’t seem to be on the same page.

Today, conservative Tim Miller wrote for The Bulwark that McCarthy isn’t the only Trump Republican that will face demise.

“McCarthy and [Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw] and their ilk convinced themselves that they could throw in with the world’s biggest grifter, tell lie after lie (after lie) to their own voters, campaign for a boat of sh**house rats so crazy that they make yesterday’s crazies blush—and at the end be rewarded with their loyal support,” Miller writes. “Absurd.”

“What he found is that crazy begets crazy,” writes Miller. “Once the floodgates opened the 5 Never Kevin votes had ballooned to an unthinkable 19. And then the same 19 voted against him a second time.”

You can read Miller’s full op-ed HERE.


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