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Conservative Columnist Slams MAGA Evangelicals For ‘Tearing America Apart’ For Political Power



MAGA evangelicals

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, conservative writer David French slammed evangelicals for abandoning Christian values by ignoring Donald Trump’s transgressions and “tearing the country apart” for their own pursuit of political power.

During the segment, French expanded on his essay where he wrote, “American political culture is a toxic, hyperpartisan, corrupt, and increasingly violent mess,” before adding, “The longer I live the more convinced I am that our Christian political ethic is upside down. On a bipartisan basis, the church has formed its members to be adamant about policies that are difficult and contingent and flexible about virtues that are clear and mandatory. ”

“The base of the Republican Party is heavily evangelical. You’ve seen this in the elections of Doug Mastriano in the primary election in Pennsylvania, of Kerry Lake, in Arizona, and many others, they’re running very aggressive campaigns with faith forward, he said. “And yet many of the characteristics and qualities you’re supposed to expect to see in Christians are completely absent,” French said.

“There’s a total absence of kindness, and instead of kindness, there’s just incredible aggression. A total axis of loss of humility, and then, instead of humility, there’s confidence in these bizarre conspiracy theories,” he explained.

“And it’s as if these individuals have figured out that Trumpism in their view is the way to make America great again and that the ends justify the means. That’s utterly contrary to a Christian ethic.”

“You have a party that cannot win dog catcher in many places in the country without utterly depending on Christian voters. And yet, you could not recognize a Christian ethic and the way these individuals interact with the public interact with each other and interact as we’ve seen, often in this Mar Lago search discussion they interact with the truth.”

He added: “The world’s most Christian advanced nation is tearing itself apart. And its millions of believers bear much of the blame.”

Watch the entire segment below from MSNBC: