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CNN Obtains Audio Recording Of GOP Official Bragging About Being a Fake Elector, Implicates Trump Campaign In The Plot



Donald Trump fake electors

CNN has released an audio recording of a Michigan Republican official boasting at a recent event hosted by a local Republican organization about being a fake elector and saying that the Donald Trump campaign directed the entire scheme to deny Biden’s electoral victory.

“We fought to seat the electors. The Trump campaign asked us to do that,” Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, said at a public event last week that was organized by the conservative group Stand Up Michigan, according to the recording.

Maddock was one of the 16 Trump fake electors and signed the illegitimate certificate that was sent to the National Archives.

As noted by CNN, “the scheme was integral to Trump’s plan to get then-Vice President Mike Pence to throw out Biden’s electors and replace them with the GOP electors on January 6 when Congress counted the electoral votes” and “raising questions about the involvement of Trump’s campaign and whether any laws were broken.”

Listen to Meshawn Maddock describe the Trump campaign’s involvement in the fake elector plot below and transcript from CNN.

“[Matt Maddock] fought for investigations into every part of the election we could. He fought for a team of people to come and testify in front of the committee. We fought to seat the electors. Um, the Trump campaign asked us to do that — under a lot of scrutiny for that today. My husband has, he’s suffered for that a little bit in Lansing because it’s not very popular, but you know when you represent the whole state of Michigan and that’s what I see it now. I realize that even though you’re going to vote for somebody to be your next state representative, your next state senator, the truth is, this body of people, they represent all of us.