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Clarence Thomas’ Wife Cheered MAGA Rioters Who Stormed Capitol



Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, became the latest public figures continue to be exposed for their blatant complicity regarding the violent mob who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6th.

As rioters gathered around Washington, Mrs. Thomas aligned herself with the mind frame of far-right extremists, posting two disparaging posts on Facebook promoting the baseless claims to overturn the outcome of the election, while sending support to the majority white, violent mob that stormed the Capitol.

Since the election, Mrs. Thomas has actively shared false, harmful, and bizarre pro-Trump conspiracy theories claiming Biden and Harris stole the election. So her willingness to help fuel the flames after the outpouring of white rage that culminated in an attempted coup at the Capitol is not surprising.

She is also known for spreading false information about former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as well as xenophobic claims aimed towards immigration in America and dangerous pro-gun conspiracy theories.

Because of her social media posts, many are calling for Justice Thomas to be impeached.

As noted by NewsOne’s Charise Frazier, “His silence regarding his wife disseminating conspiracy theories speaks volumes, much like his deferment to opt-out of weighing in regarding controversial rulings in reference to race and social justice. He has also refused to recuse himself from cases involving Trump when it’s been proven that his wife holds blind allegiance.”

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