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Christian ‘Prophet’ Claims Black Men Are Hanging Themselves To Start A ‘Civil War’ To Hurt Trump’s Reelection



QAnon conspiracy theorist and Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor spoke about the hanging of black men across the country while appearing on The MC Files show last week. According to Taylor, those men have committed suicide in an attempt to start a civil war in order to stop Donald Trump from getting reelected.

“It’s all about keeping the narrative focused on a civil war,” Taylor said. “A bunch of garbage that’s been going on like that—we’ve had what, five hangings now? They found bodies hanging? Give me a break. We know that’s deep state-related, that’s pushing some of this stuff to try to drive the narrative.”

“Now, some of them have been maybe suicides, people trying to martyr themselves because they know what it’s gonna do to this whole black, white thing, to try to start the civil unrest, to try to stoke the fires again,” Taylor continued. “This is what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to keep this going through the election.”

Take a look at his ridiculous remarks in the video clip below:

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