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Christian Broadcaster: Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing Was A ‘False Flag’ Portrayed By The Left To Hurt Trump



Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor and The McFiles host Chad McDonald decided to give their thoughts on the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery and claimed that the left turned it into a “false flag” designed to hurt Donald Trump’s reelection chances

“I knew it was going to happen over the weekend,” McDonald said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “They’re going to turn this into a Trump-bashing, racially charged event. They’re trying to distract. I look at this almost like you call it a red flag, a false flag. It’s not that it didn’t happen, but it was a distraction to get our attention off of [Trump’s fight against the deep state].”

“They’re trying to start a civil war in this country, a race war,” Taylor later responded. “They’re trying to spark anything that they can right now to start riots or this, that, and the other to literally stop the election in November, and we just cannot fall for it right now.”

Take a look at their discussion in the video clip below:

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