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California Man Launches Racist, Homophobic Rant Against Asian American Diners At Fast-Food Restaurant, Gets Arrested



California racist Jordan Douglas Krah

A California man has been arrested for going on a racist and homophobic rant against two Asian-American diners at a fast food restaurant on Christmas Eve.

As reported by San Francisco station KTVU FOX 2, forty-year-old Jordan Douglas Krah was filmed spewing racist and homophobic slurs at two diners of Asian descent at an In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon.

The video quickly became viral on social media and caught the attention of local authorities.

Krah was arrested on Monday and charged with two violations of California’s hate crime laws, the station reported.

The footage shows the two diners, a young man and woman, eating fries when a male asks whether they’re recording themselves. The man, believed to be Jordan Douglas Krah, goes on to call the pair weird homosexuals.

He then proceeds to ask what the victims’ nationality is. When he is told they’re Korean, he accuses the male diner of being “Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend,” in reference to the North Korean dictator.

“Normally I could spit in your face, that’s some Filipino sh**. You want some Filipino sh**,” the man says. “I’m a slavemaster, you fu***** f**.”

Officers from the San Ramon Police Department paid him a visit after the video went viral on social media.

Krah was arrested and charged with two counts of committing a hate crime and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

“The San Ramon Police Department strives to ensure everyone in our community feels safe and welcome,” the department said in a statement.

“We will continue to take swift and diligent legal action [against] acts of hate to help create an inclusive place for all to live, work, and visit.”

Watch the report below from KTVU FOX2 News: