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California Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Driving Car With His Wife And Kids Off A Cliff



A new report revealed on Wednesday that a California man was charged with attempted murder after “intentionally” driving his Tesla off a cliff with his wife and kids inside.

According to Law&Crime, Dharmesh A. Patel drove his car off a cliff on a San Francisco highway and plummeted nearly 300 feet before crashing.

Patel and his family survived the crash. But the driver was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder and child abuse.

“There has been no determination as to what driving mode the Tesla was in; however, that does not appear to be a contributing factor in this incident,” the San Francisco office of California Highway Patrol (CHP) said in a press release.

CHP investigators say they worked throughout the evening “interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence from the scene.”

“Based on the evidence collected, investigators developed probable cause to believe this incident was an intentional act,” the release states. “The driver of the Tesla, Dharmesh A. Patel, of Pasadena, California, has been placed under arrest for attempted murder and child abuse.”

Dharmesh was being treated for his injuries Tuesday afternoon and will be booked into the San Mateo County Jail upon his release from the hospital, authorities said.

You can read more on the incident HERE.


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