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California Man Arrested After Punching Fast Food Employee And Causing Her To Lose An eye



20-year-old Isaac White-Carter was arrested this week after being accused of punching a fast-food employee in the face and causing her to lose her right eye.

According to reports, police in Antioch, California, arrested White-Carter after the altercation. He faces felony charges of mayhem and aggravated assault causing great bodily injury, the Antioch Police Department said in a statement.

The reports state that the victim was attempting to defend a young boy with special needs from being bullied when the incident happened.

Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe said in a video statement that 19-year-old Habit Burger employee Bianca Palomera had been “viciously assaulted” on November 12 and that White-Carter landed the blow that eventually caused Palomera to lose her eye.

Palomera said in her Fox affiliate interview that the incident began when she saw a man enter the Habit Burger and immediately begin bullying the boy. She intervened, and surveillance footage obtained from the fast food restaurant showed the assailant punching Palomera at least twice.

“I just remember grabbing my eye — I thought I was crying at first,” Palomera told local Fox affiliate KTVU FOX. “But then after, I saw I had blood dripping down my shirt and down my cheek.”