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Britney Spears Seemed to Be Injured in New Video, Fans Worry About Her Safety



Britney Spears.
Britney Spears dancing video showing her right index finger bandaged up. (Screenshot)

In her recent Instagram video, Britney Spears appeared to have sustained an injury, dancing with a conspicuous bandage around her finger in a now-deleted post from Sunday, October 8. The pop star, who had previously caused concern with a dance featuring “fake” knives, twirled seductively to Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons.” Despite her captivating dance, attention was inevitably drawn to the substantial white medical wrap on her pointer finger, lingering almost two weeks after the initial safety worries.

The deleted clip showcased Spears in a ripped black long-sleeved shirt, cheetah print panties, and knee-high black booties. She’s certainly not hiding the injury. The “Toxic” singer gestured towards the bandage, even holding it up to her mouth in a shushing motion, prominently flashing it in her routine.

Britney Spears dancing video. (Screenshot)

Following the removal of the video, Spears posted two different clips, sporting a new outfit with no sign of the bandage. In the subsequent videos, she donned a sultry purple lingerie look with knee-high black booties, revealing nearly pin-straight blonde locks in contrast to her previous wavy hair.

Britney Spears dancing video.

Britney Spears. (Screenshot)

This social media activity raises concerns about Spears’ well-being, especially considering her recent split from estranged husband Sam Asghari, whom she was with for six years and married to for 14 months before his unexpected divorce filing in August.

Both parties confirmed the breakup via separate Instagram accounts. Asghari stated on August 17, “After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together,” emphasizing love and respect.

Spears later shared her own thoughts, expressing shock and the need to end the relationship due to intolerable pain. Her Sunday night Instagram posts add to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding her situation.