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‘Boopac Shakur,’ Internet Activist Exposing Sexual Predators, Gunned Down in Michigan



Robert Wayne Lee, aged 40, AKA ‘Boopac Shakur’
Robert Wayne Lee, aged 40, AKA ‘Boopac Shakur’ was fatally shot after confronting an allege predator. (Screenshot)

A Michigan man, known for exposing alleged child predators online to his extensive social media following, was fatally shot after confronting two teenagers on Friday night, as reported by the police.

Robert Wayne Lee, aged 40, AKA ‘Boopac Shakur’ would pose as a 15-year-old girl online to lure and unveil suspected pedophiles, CNN reported, citing a news release from the Oakland County sheriff’s office.

Lee shared videos of his actions with over 11,000 followers on Facebook and more than 45,000 on Instagram, some of which depicted violent encounters with alleged predators.

On the fateful night, Lee confronted two teenagers, aged 17 and 18, at a Pontiac restaurant, accusing one of being a pedophile and physically assaulting him, according to police statements.

In response, the assaulted teen brandished a knife, while the other, believed to be the 17-year-old, shot Lee multiple times with a pistol. Lee was transported to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

The suspects fled the scene but were apprehended on Saturday afternoon. Their identities have not been disclosed by the sheriff’s office.

While acknowledging that Lee’s actions have led to arrests and charges against several individuals, law enforcement cautioned against the risks associated with such vigilantism. Sheriff Michael Bouchard emphasized the potential for violence in confronting suspected predators and noted that Lee had, at times, misidentified individuals as sexual predators.

“While we certainly understand his desire to hold child predators accountable, many times well intentioned individuals who engaged in this don’t know the standard of evidence required for convictions and often underestimate the potential for violence confronting a suspected predator,” Bouchard said.

The case is expected to be forwarded to prosecutors for potential charges on Sunday or Monday, as detectives continue their investigation. Notably, one of Lee’s endeavors resulted in a former police officer facing charges, according to a spokesperson from a police department.