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Bill O’Reilly Calls Hannity ‘The Most Powerful Guy In The Country’ Because Trump Does Everything He Tells Him



Disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who was ousted by the network after he and the network paid tens of millions to settle numerous sexual harassment lawsuits, claimed that his former colleague Sean Hannity is “the most powerful guy in the country” because anything he says Donald Trump does.

O’Reilly appeared Wednesday on Hannity’s radio show, where the two were discussing restarting major sports leagues by May 15.

The two were discussing ways to convince Trump to restart the leagues by mid-May.

“Now, I want you to tell President Trump to do this, or me and you are going to have to come down there to the White House. And he doesn’t want that,” O’Reilly, who was ousted from Fox News after he and the network paid tens of millions to settle numerous sexual harassment lawsuits, joked.

“I love how you say, ‘me.’ I mean, you’re Bill O’Reilly. You pick up the phone. You’re a simple man. Call the White House, and tell the president,” Hannity responded.

“He likes you,” O’Reilly said. “. . . Half the stuff he does is what you do on your TV show.”

“Oh, stop that is not — by the way, that is not true,” Hannity insisted. “I will tell you this about Donald Trump. Donald Trump — you know this, you’ve known him like I have for decades — he does listen way more than people think. But he makes up his own mind, Bill. Just like nobody can really tell you what to do either — let’s be real.”

“But he respects your perspective,” O’Reilly said. “. . . Not just you. But if you, Hannity — I think the most powerful broadcaster right now in the country. I’m not just saying that, Hannity. You know, I mock you all the time. But I don’t know of anybody more powerful at this point in history than you are.”

“You’re the most powerful guy in the country — if you tell him, the president, with all due respect,” O’Reilly added.

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