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Biden Supporters Are Being Threatened, Targeted With Spray-Painted Blue Dots In Front Of Their Homes



Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) are being targeted with spray-painted blue dots in front of homes, California TV station KCRA-TV reports, citing several Roseville, CA, residents.

Adam Quilici, a resident of Roseville, told the news outlet that he was making breakfast when a neighbor told him to look in front of his home. He said a blue dot was painted on the road in front of his house.

Other residents told the news outlet they believe the dots were painted between Saturday and Sunday.

“The houses that were targeted have Biden-Harris signs in front of them — every single one,” Quilici told KCRA-TV. “There aren’t any blue dots anywhere where there are not those signs present.”

Quilici called the police, according to the news outlet, and they told him that they believed him after making sure it had nothing to do with utilities.

“This is not just a smashed pumpkin on Halloween,” Quilici said. “This is like a message and I’m not really OK with it.”

The Roseville Police Department told KCRA-TV that several calls were made concerning the blue dots. It said that the dots only appeared in front of homes with Biden-Harris signs.

Threats toward supporters of Biden and Harris are also reported across the country.

In Maryland, a letter was sent to a home with Biden-Harris signs that specifically threatened to beat Biden and rape Harris. It also appeared to threaten former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords (D), who became a staunch advocate for gun control legislation after she was critically wounded in a 2011 shooting.

“If you are a Biden-Harris supporter, you will be targeted. We have a list of homes by your election signs. We will not comply or give anything up, especially our guns,” the letter reportedly stated, according to local Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL.