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Bernie Sanders Officially Endorses Joe Biden For President, Vows To Help Him Defeat ‘The Most Dangerous President In American History’



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) officially endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president during a remote meet-up on Monday.

“Today, I am asking all Americans, I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse,” Sanders said Monday after joining Biden on a campaign livestream to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, The USA TODAY reports.

The endorsement comes five days after the Vermont independent suspended his presidential campaign.

Biden and Sanders discussed several issues, including the current pandemic, health care, and education. They said they agree that a cabinet member to focus on pandemics should be established.

While Biden is more moderate than Sanders, the two came out as a united front on Monday.

“I think people are going to be surprised. We are apart on some issues, but we are awfully close on others. I’m going to need you. Not just to win the campaign but to govern,” Biden said before announcing that the two jointly established several policy working groups – including on the economy, education, criminal justice, immigration and climate change.

“These groups are made up of thoughtful leaders that have worked with Bernie and some of whom have supported me as well,” Biden said. “And the task is for them to develop creative new ideas and proposals, and we’re looking forward to turning that work into positive change for the country.”

Check out the clip below.

Sanders ended his presidential campaign last week, a day after the Wisconsin primary.