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‘Baby With Rabies’ Eric Trump Drowned In Scorn For Claiming ‘My Father Fixed Immigration’ In ‘Most Humane’ Form



Eric Trump

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, is being slammed on social media for claiming during a Sunday interview with Fox News that his father “fixed” most problems in the country, including undocumented immigration despite the U.S. border with Mexico seeing a significant surge in migrants in early 2019.

Donald Trump and fellow Republicans have strongly criticized President Joe Biden’s changes to immigration policies, arguing that they have led to a surge in predominantly Latin American migrants attempting to enter the U.S.

Democrats and Biden have pushed back, pointing out that the U.S. routinely sees surges in migrants from Central America, including under Trump. The president and his defenders have also pointed to high levels of poverty and environmental factors as well as high crime rates in Central America driving the wave of migration.

But that fact is not stopping Eric Trump from falsely claiming that everything had been solved during his father’s administration.

“My father had the issue fixed,” Eric Trump said. He complained that Biden had “immediately stopped” the construction of the southern border wall, which was a key campaign promise touted by his father. But immigration analysts have long pointed out that the wall does little to deter migrants, as they simply use ladders or other means to climb over remote areas of the barrier.

“I just don’t understand it. My father had fixed this problem. Illegal immigration was not a problem anymore,” Eric Trump said.

The former president’s son also argued that his father had created the “most humane form” of immigration.

During the interview, Eric Trump also credited his father for Biden’s work on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Twitter users quickly fired back. Check the interview and some of the reactions below.