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Attack On Pelosi’s Husband Was Captured On Police Bodycam As Officers Enter The Residence: Report



Nancy and Paul Pelosi

The attack against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband on Friday morning at his home in San Francisco was captured on police body camera, CNN reports.

According to the report, the intruder started shouting ‘where is Nancy?’ before attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

Mr. Pelosi was able to call 911 at the start of the attack, a law enforcement source told the news network. He managed to keep the line open and the dispatcher could hear a conversation in the background, according to the law enforcement source.

Pelosi was talking in code, that source said, providing enough detail so that the operator overhearing it could understand that something was wrong. At the same time Pelosi seemed to be trying not to make it obvious to the intruder that he had an open line, the source said.

The dispatcher could hear Pelosi speaking about what was going on and dispatched police to check on the house, the source said.

The struggle with Pelosi was captured on police body camera as officers came through the door to intervene, according to one of the sources. Paul Pelosi was rushed to the hospital with severe head injuries.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was able to speak to her husband after the attack and before he was taken into surgery, according to the official. She is flying back to San Francisco with her family to be with her husband, a source said.


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