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Arkansas Police Officer Slams George Floyd’s Killers In Viral Video: ‘I Hope Y’all Are Charged’



In a TikTok video that has obtained over 2.5 million likes in the span of 24 hours, a police officer from North Little Rock Police Department in Pulaski County, Arkansas, is publicly condemning the officers who took the life of George Floyd.

“I’ve been a cop for 23 years,” TikTok cop @bakerfivetwo said in the clip. “And watching the video of Mr. Floyd be pinned to the ground was one of the worst things I’ve seen.”

“His fellow officers stood there,” the officer continued in the video. “They did nothing. Y’all took an oath. The same oath that eight hundred thousand of us have taken: to serve and protect our communities. Officers like this tarnish the badge. They tarnish the oath.”

Now, officers across the country will have to “work harder to repair those relationships” in their own communities.

“Because it doesn’t just affect one community,” he explained. “It affects all of them. I hope y’all are charged accordingly.”

The officer goes on to apologize to the family of George Floyd. He then addresses police officers across the nation.

“To my blue family, we can’t let this happen anymore,” he said.

Take a look at his remarks in the viral video below:

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