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Anti-Mask Florida Woman Calls Black Woman A ‘Good Little Slave’ For Wearing A Mask On The Bus: Watch



TMZ reported on Saturday that a Florida woman called a Black woman boarding a bus a “good little slave” for following protocol and wearing a mask in a public setting.

“It went down in Pasco County, Florida Friday, when the 2 women were waiting for a bus,” TMZ reported. “When it arrived, the black woman followed the county’s mandate and put on her mask, since she was boarding an enclosed space.”

“You’re wearing a mask like all the other slaves out there,” she added.

“You’re telling me, a woman of color, to be a ‘good little slave’?” replied the Black woman, Megan Charleton.

“I’m a woman of color too,” the other woman replied. “I’m a Mexican woman of color.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Charleton. “You don’t say that.”

It is mandatory to wear masks in Pasco county if a person is out in public.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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