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Another Trump Administration Official Comes Out Against The President



Another former Trump administration official came out this week and called out Donald Trump over his disastrous presidency.

Josh Venable, a longtime Michigan Republican who served as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s chief of staff, wrote an editorial for The Detroit News this week explaining why Americans should not vote for Trump for a second term.

Venable argues that re-electing Trump simply isn’t worth the damage he’s doing.

“President Donald Trump thrives on purposely sowing strife and discord,” he writes. “I have seen it up close and in person. He does so at the expense of the nation’s interests, the health and prosperity of our fellow citizens, alliances forged through generations of sacrifice, and the personal safety of public servants.”

Venable went on to call out Republicans for turning a blind eye to Trump’s depredations simply so they can appoint Supreme Court justices.

“The Republican Party has allowed Trump to mortgage its soul, devolving into nothing more than a morally bankrupt conduit to propagate the president’s politics of division and destruction,” he writes. ” I am tired of the division, discord, chaos, vitriol and hate. I am tired of your failure and refusal to lead. Our party can — and must — do better.”

You can read the full editorial HERE.

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