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Alan Dershowitz: Jack Smith’s Evidence Like ‘a Gun With Trump’s Fingerprints on it’



Alan Dershowitz
Law professor Alan Dershowitz. Screenshot.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who represented Donald Trump at his impeachment trials, compared the evidence against the former president to “a gun with his fingerprints on it” during a conversation with podcaster Charlie Kirk. Dershowitz was referring to special counsel Jack Smith’s evidence, which alleged that Trump mishandled highly classified documents.

Kirk asked Dershowitz if he still considered it the most serious potential indictment against Trump after reading the indictment itself.

Dershowitz affirmed his stance, particularly highlighting a provision where Trump carelessly waved papers in front of a reporter, while being recorded by his own staff. This incident allegedly involved Trump boasting about possessing confidential documents. The attorney elaborated, mentioning that Trump stated he could have declassified the information but chose not to, indicating its continued secrecy and its connection to an attack plan for Iran.

Dershowitz argued that while the evidence was not a “smoking gun,” it’s surely “a gun with Trump’s fingerprints on it” and his legal team will need to provide an explanation.

Dershowitz clarified that he would not represent Trump in the classified documents case due to his prior involvement in Trump’s impeachment trial.

The video of the conversation can be viewed below:

H/T: Raw Story.


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