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Police Respond To Bomb Threat At Miami Courthouse Ahead of Trump’s Arraignment



Miami court bomb threat
Officers examine a device left along the sidewalks outside of the courthouse. Screenshot

Authorities in Miami are in a state of urgency as they respond to a bomb threat at the courthouse just before the scheduled arraignment of former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian reported on the incident, describing the device as a television screen affixed to a post with an expletive message expressing disdain towards the news media.

“The bomb squad is being called in to sweep the area and investigate the suspicious device, and as soon as that area is cleared, we can resume activities back in that area. From there, we can also talk about the increased security presence overall that we have been seeing since I arrived here a couple of hours ago,” she explained.

Vossoughian further explained that the bomb squad’s primary objective was to ensure the area’s safety before resuming regular activities. Additionally, security experts on MSNBC highlighted that the U.S. Marshal’s service held responsibility for maintaining security and had opted for police tape rather than barriers for crowd control.

The bomb squad was seen searching electronics along the sidewalks outside of the courthouse.


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