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Air Force Top General Calls George Floyd’s Murder ‘A National Tragedy’, Condemns Cops Who Committed The Crime



Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein is using his platform and title to speak out about the racism that continues to hurt our black Americans to this day.

Goldfein sent out a statement this week, calling the murder of George Floyd “a national tragedy.” And that we should all be “outraged” by the police misconduct that led to his death.

“The death of George Floyd is a national tragedy,” he wrote in a memo to commanders, the Air Force Times first reported on Tuesday. “Every American should be outraged that the conduct exhibited by police in Minneapolis can still happen in 2020.”

Full letter @GenDaveGoldfein sent to wing commanders last night. “we are not immune to the spectrum of racial prejudice, systemic discrimination, and unconscious bias. We see this in the apparent inequity in our application of military justice. We will not shy away from this”

“We all wish it were not possible for racism to occur in America,” he wrote. “But it does, and we are at a moment where we must confront what is.”

He added: “To the Airmen who are mourning, angry, or weary of the battle against racial prejudice, discrimination, bias, and systemic discrimination, Chief Wright and I recognize your pain.”

You can read his entire statement below:

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