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‘5 People Died Because Of What You Did’: Adam Kinzinger Demolishes Sen. Josh Hawley’s ‘Smug Face’ At CPAC



During an interview on CNN on Tuesday, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger slammed his Senate colleague Josh Hawley for his “smug” speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend.

“All you had to do was see Josh Hawley’s smug face at CPAC as he stood in front, you know, getting this adulation from the crowd about how he, you know, ‘You might have seen I rejected the —'” Kinzinger said on CNN’s “New Day” as he recounted Hawley’s remarks.

“And everybody’s — and he’s out there, like, feeling great about it. Like, there are five people dead, two that took their own life on top of that, as a result of what you did,” the Illinois Republican added. “It was embarrassing for us around the world.”

He went on to say that it had been “difficult for me to talk to other countries about how to do democracy in the wake of” the insurrection. Kinzinger tacked on sarcastically, “But as long as you’re the most important thing and you can run for president, that’s great.”