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4-Star General Sounds Alarm About Trump’s ‘Lawless Cult’



Donald Trump's lawless cult.
Donald Trump followers. (Photo: Imgur)

A retired four-star U.S. Army General, Barry McCaffrey, issued a grave warning about the current state of the GOP and its supporters of former President Donald Trump, often referred to as MAGA Republicans, drawing a concerning parallel to the era of Nazi Germany in the 1930s when discussing this group.

During a conversation on MSNBC with Chris Hayes, McCaffrey expressed deep concern about Trump’s recent social media post, where he suggested the execution of outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, and Senator Tommy Tuberville’s protest against Pentagon abortion policies, which led to the blockage of military promotions in the Senate.

McCaffrey emphasized that his criticism wasn’t directed at the entire GOP but specifically at a subset consisting of approximately 15 to 25 House members, a few senators, and those unwaveringly loyal to Trump within the MAGA movement. He characterized this group as a “cult,” one that operates outside the bounds of the law and poses a significant threat to both the United States’ armed forces and national security.

“This is a cult, it’s a lawless cult and it’s a major threat to the armed forces of the United States and our security,” he said.

Regarding Trump’s comments about Milley, McCaffrey denounced them as “shameful.” He also expressed confidence that Milley, with his background as a Princeton hockey player and combat veteran, would not be intimidated by the former president, who