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Woman Goes On Punching And Biting Spree After Being Asked To Wear a Mask



An Ohio was arrested after she went on a punching-and-biting rampage at a local grocery store for being asked to wear a face mask, Police said.

The woman, Christeena Carpenter, 38 was charged with four counts of assault this week after her violent attack at Clifton Market in Cincinnati, Local news station Fox 19 reports.

Store Manager Garrett Meadows told the news outlet that Carpenter immediately started “screaming” at him when he asked her to put a mask on while inside the store, and became physically violent and began punching employees.

Customers tried to restrain Carpenter, only to get bitten while trying to hold her down, Meadows told Fox 19.

Carpenter was eventually arrested by officers from the Cincinnati Police Department who rushed to the scene. She is due to be arraigned in court next week.