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‘Who’s Next? You?’: Trump Freezes When Asked If He Will Be Taken Out Of Ma-A-Lago In Shackles



Donald Trump

Donald Trump in recent days has been touring the right-wing media sphere to complain about the House Select Committee’s public hearings on the Jan 6 insurrection. On Monday, however, Trump didn’t expect to hear a right-wing radio host visualizing the possibility that may be arrested and dragged out of his Mar-A-Lago residency in “shackles.”

“When they arrest a Peter Navarro, who’s next? You? Are they gonna try and take you out of Mar-a-Lago in shackles? This is insanity!” host Wayne Allyn Root asked Trump during an interview over the weekend.

Trump did not immediately answer and appeared to have been disturbed by the question. After a long pause, the former president circled back to his talking points, attacking House investigators and fuming about the Committee’s findings.

He also continue to peddle his big lie about the 2020 election.

Listen to the interview below: