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White House Press Sec. Calls Democrats ‘Anti-Science’ For Supporting COVID-19 Safety Measures



White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to slam Democrats as “anti-science” because they support COVID-19 safety measures, blaming them for restaurant dining restrictions in California.

“Here’s what’s truthful,” McEnany asserted on Fox & Friends. “Democrats are anti-science. Democrats are anti-Constitution. As Admiral Giroir said, there is no science suggesting if you are outside, socially distanced, wearing your mask appropriately, that you cannot dine,” she added.

“There never was science showing that schools should shut down because kids were super-spreaders,” she continued. “That didn’t exist. President Trump said that and here we are many months and the science, once again, is on our side as it’s always been. Democrats will shut down your churches but will allow other commercial establishments to stay open, like Gov. Cuomo who was rebuked by the Supreme Court.”

“Democrats are anti-science. We will always put forward the science,” she concluded.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that states like California “really don’t have any choice” but to order residents to stay at home as the pandemic rages.

Watch McEnany’s interview below.

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