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White House Burns Ted Cruz For Touting ‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Project He Voted Against



Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday took to Twitter to brag about his work in a bipartisan amendment to an omnibus bill passed earlier this year that funds a highway project. But there’s a problem: he voted against the legislation and the White House was quick to call him out.

“The Ports to Plains highway will run from Laredo all the way up to North Dakota and into Canada,” he wrote before adding: “This project will bring jobs to Texas and millions of dollars to the state. A great bipartisan victory!”

“Senator Cruz voted against this,” the White House tweeted on Wednesday afternoon in response to a local television interview Cruz participated in, where he touted the project.

Before the vote, the Texas Republican said he supported the amendment but ultimately voted against the sweeping $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package when the Senate voted on the legislation in full.