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What’s Truly Fueling Trump’s Meteoric Rise In The Polls



Donald Trump. (Image: DB)

In a bewildering twist of political fate, Donald Trump has emerged as the unrivaled frontrunner in the Republican primary. Trump’s magnetic pull on his fervent supporters is nothing short of astonishing. They’re like moths drawn to a flame, unable to resist the allure of his divisive rhetoric.

This is making many wonder how did the United States, once hailed as a beacon of democracy, devolve into such a chaotic carnival of absurdity? How did our country get so messed up?

The answer, my dear readers, is simple: hate.

Pure, unadulterated hate has always been lurking in the background of American society, simmering and bubbling like a cauldron of malevolence. Yet, it was Donald Trump who, with his bombastic rhetoric and unapologetic disdain for political correctness, granted these deep-seated prejudices a newfound legitimacy. Trump has given it a megaphone. He’s made people feel like it’s totally fine to shout their terrible beliefs from the rooftops.

But why, you might wonder, do they cling to Trump so desperately? Well, these individuals, having revealed their true colors and alienated their loved ones with their abhorrent views, find themselves unable to retreat into the shadows once more.

Yes. They figured if a presidential nominee can spew garbage, so can they. Now they’re stuck and can’t go back into hiding.

But let’s not forget the role of fear in this convoluted narrative.

Consider, for instance, the peculiar case of a family member who, during the Obama years, succumbed to a paralyzing fear that manifested as a desire to be safely ensconced at home before nightfall.

This seemingly irrational behavior, which extends even to the confines of a safe suburban neighborhood, was, in fact, nurtured by the relentless indoctrination of Fox News and the echo chamber of Facebook. A lady, with a modest education and a once-good nature, now lives in perpetual terror of phantoms lurking in the dark.

But let’s be real, underneath all that fear is still hate. She’s not afraid of her white neighbors; it’s those mysterious “others” who are supposedly out to get her – Blacks, Muslims, Mexican gangsters, and even “satan worshipers.”

You can only make people fear something if they already distrust it. So, America finds itself stuck in a never-ending loop of hate and fear, and it’s a blunt, sad reality that Trump is exploiting to his advantage.