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WH Staffers Slam Trump Over Toxic Living Situation, Praise Biden For Bringing ‘Life’ Back To Residence



CNN’s Kate Bennett reported on Monday that staffers at the White House, who come from serving under Donald Trump, are singing a sigh of relief with the new administration.

According to Bennett, staffers are no longer forced to fetch a Diet Coke for the president at the push of a button. The staffers have decided to praise President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for making the residence a livable place.

According to the report, “There were nighttime movie binges in the White House movie theater, complete with snacks from the White House kitchen cooks, many of the Bidens’ five older grandchildren piling into the seats to watch, said another source familiar with the activities,” with one aide gushing, “The residence has life in it again.”

Trump’s final days in the Oval Office were met with White House staffers ignoring him. Many staffers felt as if they were “babysitting” Trump to keep him from creating mayhem.

Noting that staffers are pleased that the Biden’s are enforcing mask-wearing, the report also points out that the removal of the chief White House usher, hired by Melania Trump, was greeted with approval.

“The residence staff is operating ‘as usual,’ said the first White House source, noting the departure of chief usher and Trump hire, Timothy Harleth, which occurred on Inauguration Day,” the report states. “In recent weeks, he had made a play to stay in the Biden White House, say several sources, to no avail.”

According to one staffer, “He was not particularly well-liked.”

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