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WH Press Sec. Amplifies Trump’s ‘Set Up’ Conspiracy On 75-Year-Old Protester: ‘Questions Need To Be Asked’



During an interview on ‘Fox and Friends’ on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany double down on Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory about a 75-year-old man who was pushed to the ground by police being an ANTIFA operative, arguing that the president’s baseless claim raises questions that “need to be asked.”

Trump on Tuesday suggested a widely circulated video of Martin Gugino being forced to the pavement by police could have been a ‘set up’ by ANTIFA even though the man suffered a skull fracture. The conspiracy theory was traced to a reporter for OAN who also writes for the Russian propaganda outlet Sputnik.

“The president was raising questions based on a report that he saw,” McEnany told Fox News. “Other questions that need to be asked. In every case, we can’t jump on one side without looking at all the facts that play.”

“This individual had some very questionable tweets,” she continued. “Some profanity-laden tweets about police officers.”

McEnany went on to say that the president does not “condone any sort of violence.”

“But there are a lot of questions in that case,” she remarked. “In fact, you have 56 police officers who resigned in protest of how their fellow officers were treated. So, I think we need to ask why those officers resigned, what happened, what facts were on the ground. The president was just raising some of those questions.”

Watch the video below.