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WH Press Sec. Admits Protests Have Been Peaceful… But Because Of Trump’s Actions



White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday praised President Donald Trump, claiming that actions taken by the administration are the reason the protests across the country have been largely been peaceful. She also said that Trump has “no regrets” for having protesters teargassed, beaten and shot with pepper and rubber bullets so that he could do a photo-op at the St. John’s Church.

“There’s no regrets on the part of this White House,” Kayleigh McEnany told the media during Monday’s press briefing. “We stand by those actions.“

She also claimed protesters “burned down” St. John’s Church, which is factually inaccurate, and then gave Trump credit for the protests being peaceful.

Watch clips of the press briefing below:

Yup. Definitely more gaslighting.