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‘We’re Going After You’: Proud Boys Threaten Violence As Trump Officially Loses Arizona



On Monday, the so-called “Proud Boys” held a protest outside an event in Phoenix, Arizona, where Rudy Giuliani was meeting with Republican legislators attempting to overturn the election results.

While speaking outside the event, one member of the white supremacist group threatened an armed revolt if things didn’t go their way.

“I’m not scared of COVID, I’m an American citizen!” the man exclaimed to the crowd. “At the moment, we’re free. But the moment they start trying to take our Constitution is the moment the Second Amendment kicks in.”

“It’s the moment that we’ve got to fight back,” he continued. “It’s the moment where we’ve got to start telling them, we’re not taking it anymore. We’re not going to ‘stand back and stand by’ anymore. We’re standing up and going after you if you come after us.”

The man was referencing Donald Trump, who back in September told the Proud Boys and other white supremacist organizations to “stand back and stand by.”

You can see the threats in the video below:

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