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‘We End COVID When We End Trump’: Lincoln Project Launches New Ad As Virus Death Toll Reaches 200K People



Donald Trump continues to hold packed rallies full of people who don’t wear masks and have thrown social distancing out the window.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Trump tried to hype up his supporters by making fun of his opponent Joe Biden for promoting social distancing at his campaign events.

More than 200,000 American lives have been lost to the deadly virus and Trump continues to downplay it, despite the fact that he knows how deadly the virus is.

The Lincoln Project decided to launch a new video ad promoting a Biden presidency, saying that “only one candidate will protect your family from coronavirus.”

The video shows comparisons between Biden’s town hall event, where he spoke about the virus, and Trump’s comments on injecting disinfectants into humans to try and kill the virus.

“We end COVID when we end Trump’s presidency,” the ad concludes.

You can watch the full ad below: