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Watch: White Man Stalks And Interrogates Black Woman For Driving In Her Own Neighborhood



A white Massachusetts man was caught on camera following a black woman as she drove to her house. The footage shows the man cornering and interrogating the woman as to what she was doing in the neighborhood.

“I just got Karen’d? Julia Santos tweeted. “This man followed me home because I went to pick up DOG FOOD at somebody’s house!”

According to the Boston Globe, Santos was going home after picking up dog food at a nearby home when she was confronted by a man driving a convertible BMW.

“So what are you driving up Juniper Terrace for?” the man asks.

Santons told the man she was heading home after picking up dog food before she exclaimed, “I don’t feel safe right now.”

“You don’t feel safe? I don’t feel safe with you driving around in my neighborhood,” he replies.

“Why?” Santos asks.

“Too many people,” he says.

“Or is it because I’m Black? Is that why?” Santos asks.

“No,” he says. “I don’t know what color you are. What color are you?”

Take a look at the altercation below:

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